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A creative space, coupled with a kind word, genuine appreciation, the feeling of progress and achievement—the forces that motivate us are the same throughout our lives. Ariley

To the wonderful people in my life who have moved me forward, backward, and sideways. I only wish I told you more clearly and frequently how much you mean to me.

We are the CEOs of our own lives. 

We have also learned that we’re much more driven by all kinds of intangible, emotional forces: the need to be recognized and to feel ownership; to feel a sense of accomplishment; to find the security of a long-term commitment and a sense of shared purpose.

We want to feel as if our labor and lives matter in some way, even after death. To motivate ourselves and others successfully, we need to provide a sense of connection and meaning —remembering that meaning is not always synonymous with personal happiness. Arguably, the most powerful motivator in the world is our connection to others.

Ecuatia motivatiei:

Motivation = Money + Achievement + Happiness + Purpose + A Sense of Progress + Retirement Security + Caring About Others + Your Legacy + Status + Number of Young Kids at Home2 + Pride + E + P + X + [All kinds of other elements]

(TED Books) Dan Ariely-Payoff_ The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivations

“abstract floral”

Remember, though, that within every complaint, within every hurt feeling or when your partner has turned away from you or turned against you, within every criticism, within every contempt expression, within every one of those there is a longing. And there is a longing for something to happen, a wish. And furthermore, within every longing there is a recipe. So we need to turn these fists, each of these fists, into a vessel that contains a life dream. Gottman

PS: Idei de cadou. Noul parfum  Gabrielle Chanel. :)))))))

The Gabrielle Chanel eau de parfum, described as an “abstract floral,” is scheduled to premiere in Chanel’s boutique network and on its web site in June before a broader rollout, eventually reaching the firm’s more than 10,000 fragrance doors around the world.

Arhitectura fericirii. Arta secreta de a-ti decora viata

Desi grija pentru designul locuintei poate fi uneori catalogata ca frivola, eseul lui Alain de Botton pleaca de la ideea ca oamenii sunt profund influentati de locul in care traiesc. Arhitectura si designul interior joaca un rol important in evolutia personalitatii noastre, spatiul pe care il locuim avand o misiune vitala – de a ne aduce aminte cine suntem cu adevarat.